Free Ride

I’m not a fan of the word co-dependent and the way society casts it in a negative light.

That humans require connection with one another seems logical enough to me. Or that people go to great lengths to meet that need also makes a great deal of sense.

So when I hear co-dependent I take a breath and remind myself that there’s nothing pathological about one’s fundamental need to attach to others.

It’s another walk and swipe out a blog post during a break in my work day. It’s interesting how simultaneously engaging in exercise and writing simultaneously seems to make it easier to communicate.

Kind of like when archers slow their heart rate to increase their precision.

In the trauma work I do, specifically using EMDR, there’s a hypothesis that bi-lateral stimulation engages the brain’s ability to process information. So I imagine my left-right-left-right steps are doing just that.

There’s twenty minutes until my next session.

With my newfound love of walk/blogging I ordered a new pair of cutie patootie white tennies yesterday.

Curtis in tall rubber rain boots just came up to me in a fit of despair asking for directions to the bus stop. Caught off guard I lagged in my response as I’d assumed he needed money (and I didn’t have any). Not only had his data ran out, he told me, but he’d walked two miles in the wrong direction.

Seeing I had fifteen minutes to spare I ran him to my car and drove him where he needed to be. “Thank God for the kindness of strangers.” He said placing his pained feet down as I removed an empty plate and Dave’s shoes out of his way.

“You’re fucking right on there.” I told him, as all at once the leg ups and helping hands I’d had in my lifetime seemed to be in the car as well.

And thank you, dear reader. I appreciate you coming along the ride too.

Love, Jaclynn

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