Friday Night Delights

Dang, it! This blank page is not something I’m ready to leave my mark on. I’m busy preparing our cabin for a close friend, his wife, and their four kids – aged late teens to 6 years old – to meet us here for dinner. It’s a small space, so we’ve brought the glass patio table inside, along with two heavily rusted outdoor bistro chairs and two folding Coleman camping chairs.

At this point, I’m not above a cross-legged floor approach to my Costco-prepared lasagna meal. 

Walking distance from where I sit is a grouping of cabins, and for the next two nights, my buddy and his Brady Bunch family will be a stone’s throw away. 

Our plan for the weekend includes: Beach time. Board gaming. An adults-only Quinault Casino night out. Hitting up the arcade in town.

Dave showed me a large snowball mound of shredded carrots and said, “Is this enough?” I laughed and said yes. “It is a lot of people,” he countered.

I love feeding a lot of people. On Saturday, for our Halloween party, I’ll be feeding…er….plus or minus 24, I think. It’s an Olive Garden extravaganza – soups, salad, breadsticks, fettuccine Alfredo, and googly-eyed mummy desserts.

Board games are next up. Since my presence is needed, I better call it a night. 

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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