Fun Guy Day

When I read others’ blogs, I am drawn to specifics–the unique details of a location; or a person’s quirks.

I am even more drawn to the piece’s tone and how an author’s intimacy makes me feel something.

The recent rain pushed my favorite poisonous mushroom, amanita muscaria, or “fly agaric”, to sprout its fungal head to the surface. It’s a noticeable mush-y-room, solid red with white dots that immediately gives off a “Don’t touch me” vibe.

See how I clarified my favorite “poisonous” mushroom? That’s because I also have my favorite edible mushrooms – morels and chanterelles. Both of which I’ve spent time foraging in Washington forests.

My Dad told me our mushroom patch is getting logged; honestly, I feel numb about it. I mean, what can I do?

I’d love to type more, but my presence is requested for the board game “Illimat.”

I’ll see you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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