Welcome To Your Life

The outside smells of a flavored cigarillo, sweet and smoky. The tree-lined hillsides aren’t green but grayish-white, like in an Ansel Adams painting. The same layer that distorts the color of the trees is turning the sun a deep fluorescent orange – unnatural and eerie.

Smoke from wildfires places our area at 22x the level the World Health Organization recommends. I don’t know what to do with that. It just plain sucks.

I sat with a couple just now, frustrated, sad, and defeated from an inability to connect with each other. As their counselor, it’s hard and impossible not to get drawn into their drama.

But I do. Which is ok. Because then, I return to base and relay my experience to them, and together we work to understand their reactions and needs. Couples counseling is very awesome work.

Thumbing words into my phone while walking Sumner’s sidewalk on an hour break between clients feels doubly productive.

And while I’m out here ambling about, I sure am digging the sepia-like tone colorization that’s happening to the leaves of the rose bushes and maples.

Lastly, I’m in the action stage of change of working out. I’ve been on the fence about it, but today I realized how slacking is impacting my mood. And after a talk with a friend, a glass of champagne, and a little research I know I need to be dancing. Not for anyone to see, mind you. Just for me, and if anyone can find Jazzercise videos from the 2006, please send them right away.

That’s it! Love ya, Jaclynn

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