Sweet Relief

I need to update you about on client from yesterday. They are alive and well and showed up right on time for their 3 pm appointment.

So that’s a relief.

Rule #1: Please don’t email me a message that leads me to believe that you might kill yourself and then turn your phone off. (Because I will spend the entire day and night worrying, calling, and emailing you. In addition, I will call my therapist friends for advice and support as well have a mini-existential crisis.)

Anyway, all is semi-right in the world.

But that’s due mainly to the frozen chocolate-covered strawberry sample I had at Costco yesterday, which resulted in my buying a bag that is sitting shotgun on the couch beside me—freaking amazing.

And it’s also because my organizing work is paying off. Earlier when I performed a circus-esque action slinging eight items into drawers and cabinets in the bathroom all at the same time I thought, holy shit, I can’t believe it.

Everything had a place! 

Our houseguests arrive tomorrow – Evelyn’s grandparents from Georgia. As you might already know since I’m a Pacific Northwest born and raised lady, these awesome elders belong to Dave. And, I expect the next few days to be a lot of fun.

Well, I hope you had a lovely day, wherever you are.

Love, Jaclynn

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