Lore Living

What is the story you tell of your life?

Is it tragic? A story of hardships, if only’s, and passed me by’s. Or is it triumphant? A tale of browbeating challenges, of overcomings, and breakthroughs. Or a nightmare? A tribute to your traumas, inescapable monsters and demons, and fears.

We can’t help but cast ourselves as victims, heroes, and saviors in our lives, can we?

But why?

Perhaps it’s a product of how our brain processes information. Or maybe stories help our psyches heal. Whatever it is, we do it.

My forearm and cheek tingle as though a layer of Icy Hot is on them. The open window is providing a chilly April breeze, and it feels both fresh and soothing.

I’m contemplative tonight. Not about anything specific it’s just the plight and pain and beauty that comes with existing inevitably takes me aback.

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m strong enough to handle it. Other times, like now, I know I can bear it.

I know you can too.

Love, Jaclynn

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