Dill Dohs

What if I were writing this just for me?

When writing my nightly blog, I dream of going off the rails, into the great beyond of absurdity and obscurity to never return.

“Everyone Everywhere All At Once” is just that, and is my new favorite movie. Hot dog fingers and dildo fighting along with a vibe similar to Kill Bill, Austin Powers, Matrix that is packaged with a message that’ll make you cry.

I give it five hot dog fingers and five flaccid dildos.

Speaking of dildos, just kidding. I didn’t have anything further to say there. Just wanted to make sure I repeated the word dildos.

Anyway, it was lovely to see the work I planned to do tomorrow already done. My Dad lumberjacked a tree that fell in the yard and mowed a shit ton of the lawn while Dave and I were away for an anniversary date.

This means I’ll get more time in the garden and tend to other projects. Like, the duckling habitat!

Oh my gosh, I’m beat. My heartbeat is pounding in my eye sockets, and the sensation is soothing me like a chained watch swinging back and forth.

The Spring Fair in Puyallup is going on. Since it’s not far, I’m tempted to jump in the car and check it out tomorrow or Sunday. It could be an excellent time to eat an elephant ear, cotton candy, and a big ol’ greasy cheeseburger, eh? Wink, wink.

Anyway, I’m donesky. Time for beddy by. I cannot wait for the sun this weekend – 64 and 70 degrees– are right up my alley. Peace, I’m out. Jaclynn

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