The Tale of The Teeniest Rubber Chicken

Eyes sunk deep in their sockets, I trudge myself to work. Last night’s D&D session 11 pm, followed by writing and yoga, led to a late night for this sweet body of mine. I felt it, too, like a hangover. Still, when arriving at my office, snaking through its corners, and flipping on lights, I felt a profound satisfaction in doing what I love.

I took this energized feeling about the room, snapping on two table lamps and the floor lamp next to where clients sit. What this, I think, at something pill-sized resting on the side table. As my apertures adjust, delight sizzles my body, and my soul erupts with power, I anticipate Mount Rainer will someday exude.

The tiniest of tiny rubber chicken! 

I only wish a prank camera crew could have captured the video footage of my facial expressions. 

I think I know the culprit and have hatched a plan to show my appreciation for their gift. I will tie a string around its rubber chicken neck or feet and hang it around my neck atop a black shirt to allow the rubber poultry to take center stage during our next session.

I pay attention when I put too much on myself, not just with tasks but with expectations and ideas. I’m an excitable person, which is excellent, but it can bind me up like someone with lactose intolerance in a milk-chugging competition. So I need to slow down, take my lactose pill first, and then sip. 

Also, I need sleep. I’m freaking beat. I hope really your day was great.

Love, Jaclynn

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