No Mercy Mayhem

It’s the no-light part of the morning when I feel like a thief stealing and adding minutes to the clock. Porch, garage, and barn lights are all I see, alighting just their structure in a sea of black. I’m trying to shake paws with two felines whose haunches grip the window sill and who, at my slightest movement, give me a baritone growl.

Was I too harsh and unfeeling toward the telemarketer just now? Likely. But also, it’s 7:07am! My miserable two months of cold calling and selling timeshares taught me a valuable lesson in what not to do.

I want to upgrade our sharp-edged clunker of a dining room table to an oval one. And when I take the idea to my wonderfully doting husband, who I always read my posts to before posting them, he’ll learn the research is on my side, “They’re more friendly and make people feel less alone.”  

I wonder: What color is that? Denim? The sun’s edge breaks the horizon, transforming the black expanse into silhouetting Douglas Firs. The grayed deciduous cottonwoods a football field away are magical. The fog blurs and stirs them. 

If you haven’t played the fantasy tabletop roleplaying game D&D, you should. It’s an excellent way to spend time. I had an epic night playing my character, Wilkus, a hobbit-like man with badass sleight of hand and stealth skills. He took down four goblins in a brutal, Mortal Kombat-like fashion, carving his nephew’s initials in them to honor his memory. 

It’s the tail end of the day, 11:48pm. The game is over, the sky is dark again, and all is quiet. I feel less like I’m gaining time and more like I’m losing out on rest for tomorrow. Time to do a quick edit of this, attach a D&D photo to it, and hit the hay,

See you tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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