She Works Hard When It’s Sunny

My dirty Huck Finn feet are outstretched and crossed over the top of each other as I take a break against the deck’s railing to write. My eyes lock-in and my mind creates boxes, and the to-be-fixed list grows.

A deck board needs replacing; it caves and is nothing more than a sway-backed horse put out to pasture. Garden shears are needed; octopus-like tentacles stretch through the gaps in the stairs—a once-sculpted bush mocks me with its new foliage. Thick dustings of pollen glue to every manufactured structure and surface within eye-shot. I wonder, will my love of power washing ever recharge? 

I see tufts of newly cut grass and it reminds me; I want to take a patch of pasture, stake a 10’x10 or even 20’x20′ area, uproot all the grass, dump a truck of soil and plant wildflowers.

Ooh, I can only imagine how many fantastic wildflower varieties there must be! Think of all the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that will stop by and visit.

It’s now the day’s end, and I think the time for reflection earlier did me some good. I will spare you the details of what’s gone to make this day the most productive day of my life.

Or not.

I buzzed down blackberry bushes and shoveled out their root balls, and swabbed brush killer on their freshly exposed stems. I mowed and made homemade banana bread. I went to Costco, got a propane tank filled, and took back a library book. And did loads of laundry, swept, cleaned, and organized the garage.

Oh! I remembered one more thing – the slab and the bottom deck. Pressure washed them – Boom! Guess I did have a bit of charge left.

Oh, and I wrote – am writing? – a blog post. 

And lastly, cuttlefish. I’m listening to a video message from a friend, and he’s highly recommending that I look into their awesomeness.

It’s gotta wait because I’m getting called into dinner. Leftovers.

Thanks to Dave, too, for all his hard work.


PS. What do you think of my creating a parody of “She Works Hard For The Money”? I’ll use my blog post title as a guide. Hehe.

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