Acting With Class

Don’t you love it when someone’s genuine? For me, it’s like an art form, the way one is able to speak to my softest bits and make me feel alive.

Whereas everyone else will be talking about how Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars, I’m more interested in Lady Gaga with Liza Minnelli.

Oh my goodness, was it ever heartwarming! 

As Liza sat in a wheelchair, hands shaking, unable to read the pages in front of her, Lady Gaga took charge, calling her a legend multiple times, looking at her, making her smile and laugh, and whispering reassuring words and holding her hand. It was as if it were only the two people in the world. I said aloud, “What a class act.”

So thank you to Lady Gaga for being you.

Anyway, onto less important topics. 

Sue T. Bird is making a home on our back deck. After rescuing her (him) from certain death two days ago from the cabin, she (he) now is the proud owner of a pool and snacks. Also, she is living large as the solo bird in the roost.

Well, until I get six more dickety ducks. You heard me right, and I want more! (I hope I don’t turn into Elmyra.)

For the past ten years, I’ve dreamt of the day I’d get ducks of my own. And with Sue entering the picture and needing to build her a place to stay, I’m thinking, why not make the enclosure big enough for more?

Can you imagine six baby chicks around here just in time for Easter? I can’t. But my six-year-old self can and she is freaking the eff out right now. 

Oh, and I didn’t mention it last night, but we took Evelyn to her first movie at the small theatre in Ocean Shores. I might have shed a tear. At Sing 2, you say? Yes, at Sing freaking 2. 

Love, Jaclynn

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