Orchestratic Event

Our words have power; they can shake the ground someone walks on and can pierce into a person’s heart. 

“Either you intentionally decide to drink yourself to death, or you’re going to fight to live. Do one or other, but you have to quit doing both half-assed.”

This is the wake-up call I gave a client today.

I’d smelled alcohol on them as they walked passed by me in my office. It was a huge step backward from their quitting a year ago due to a staggering cirrhosis diagnosis. And over the past month, I’d grown increasingly concerned as I watched their well-being plummet.

Even though they explained they weren’t suicidal, I couldn’t help but point out how using alcohol with a majorly damaged liver was like playing Russian roulette.

My words got to them, especially since staying alive for their kids is what matters most.

But still, by the end of our time, as I watched them step cautiously walk down the stairs, waving and telling me thank you, I wondered what the next two weeks might hold in my absence, causing my feelings of helplessness to creep in.

Then an hour later, I got a text message; I’m at an AA meeting right now. 

That there’ll be no TKO here, the boxer is back on their feet; I couldn’t be more proud.

The frogs have been out in full force the past couple of weeks. The sheer magnitude of them and the sound they create is a most brilliant orchestratic event. 

I could hear them murmuring through the skylight of our closet while putting on my pajamas making me wonder if it needed resealing. Later I talked to Dave about them. “It’s 11:00 pm. They’ve been at it for hours. Don’t you think they’ve found a girlfriend yet?” He noted that it’ll go on like this for several more months, so likely not.

Poor frogs.

It’s my Friday, and tomorrow is a get-all-things-done day. Then Saturday we leave on our trip to the national parks of Utah and Arizona. It’s such an exciting time coming up, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Enjoy your evening. 

Ribbet, Jaclynn

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