Choose Your Own Adventure!

I wonder, is it possible to not care about likes and followers? Or to not seek validation from others? If there is, I have yet to figure it out.

Speaking of, I told a woman she was an idiot today. Twice. And then I followed it with a thumbs up, er, I mean my middle finger.

Before judging my behavior as wrongful, might I submit evidence in my favor? Yes? Thank you so much.

On a lovely sunny day on March 9, 2022, in Zion National Park, my family and I parked at a pull-out, hiked, and then returned to the vehicle to prepare and eat a turkey or ham sandwich, Cheetos, and apples.

During this time a family member pointed out, “Look, bighorn sheep!” More fingers pointed as we all targeted and pinpointed their exact location on the side of the hill.

It was magical, a one-with-nature moment watching the five adults and one baby dig at the dirt and scramble over rocks.

All was as it should be until a jeep stopped. One woman jumped out, spotted the sheep, crossed the road, and headed uphill straight for them.

I felt angry; her actions scrambling up the hill made them move. Seeing this, she retreated, and I calmed. Our family began to pack up.

But she wasn’t done. Oh no, she was not! She followed the road, eyeing them the whole way, and once aligned below them, she started up again.

And, at the same time, we were turning around.

I’m getting worked up telling this; might I take a break?

So cuddling with my daughter helped. Now I’m ready to proceed.

Oh! You should know that I value nature, and I value people who are respectful of it as well. Now, back to my tale.

So as the u-turn places the side I am on directly in line with her, I figure it is now or never. I rolled down the window, put my entire head outside like a dog slugging in air, and then I said what I said and did what I did. And in a loud voice to make our eyes lock in like the horns of the sheep.

Now it’s up to you; was that the best move here? What would you have done?

I’m open to alternative ideas; comment below if you have one.

Or, I’ll take your silence as support of me, and in that case, I want you to know how appreciative I am.

Thank you, and sending lots of love from Zion.

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