Cheers, To Me

Uh oh, this is what I feared; a blank mind. I need to have something to write about. Right?

But shouldn’t this be a good thing, a time when all my inner voices have settled down and are finally taking a nice, long siesta?

I recall a phone call with a good friend years ago, someone who’s also a mental health therapist. “But we didn’t have anything to focus on; there was no problem to solve,” I explained to him, fearing I did something wrong. Not skipping a beat, he answered. “Oh! A success session. Aren’t those the greatest?”

No, Reid! It wasn’t great. It was confusing and uncomfortable. Don’t you know I have to solve things and when that doesn’t happen, I don’t know who the heck I am?

Thankfully, I’ve evolved.

Now, I prefer the I-have-nothing-to-talk-about session over a problem-ridden one. Mostly because they come on the heels of a person clawing for their life to get up a mountain. So when they do, it’s nice to take a breath together and cheers the moment.

I believe that is what this post is about; a celebratory one upon reaching a smooth plateau.

I’m currently in Moab, Utah, sprawled out on a love seat, cuddled up with a blanket, and watching The Bachelor. It’s nice.

I’ve been thinking about the time I was here in 2013, and how different my life is today – in a really good way.

I want nothing more than to go back and give my past self a big, fat hug for all the work she did to get me to where I’m at. Because dang, she did me good!

With that said. Jaclynn, will you accept this rose?

Love, Me

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