Queen Of The Road

There are twenty-three minutes until my next session. It’s with a couple that lives in their car. The summer was good to them, dry and warm and easy for the most part. But now? The temperature’s dropping fast, and I’m curious to hear how it’s going. I told them about my stint with car livingContinue reading “Queen Of The Road”

Cheers, To Me

Uh oh, this is what I feared; a blank mind. I need to have something to write about. Right? But shouldn’t this be a good thing, a time when all my inner voices have settled down and are finally taking a nice, long siesta? I recall a phone call with a good friend years ago,Continue reading “Cheers, To Me”

Choose Your Own Adventure!

I wonder, is it possible to not care about likes and followers? Or to not seek validation from others? If there is, I have yet to figure it out. Speaking of, I told a woman she was an idiot today. Twice. And then I followed it with a thumbs up, er, I mean my middleContinue reading “Choose Your Own Adventure!”