Queen Of The Road

There are twenty-three minutes until my next session. It’s with a couple that lives in their car. The summer was good to them, dry and warm and easy for the most part. But now? The temperature’s dropping fast, and I’m curious to hear how it’s going.

I told them about my stint with car living and of the rain storm in a parking lot in New Hampshire where I sat for hours bored stiff. And of the morning in Maine in October when I woke to the thermostat reading 20 degrees.

I didn’t tell them how I headed straight south shortly after that, spending three weeks bopping around the Florida beaches, the Keys, and the Everglades in 70+ degree weather.

I loved waking up to a different view each morning. Hearing of their current morning wake-ups outside Mount Rainier National Park and their hiking and being in nature sent me right into nostalgia land.

That lifestyle, however exciting, does have a time stamp though. The “Oooh, cool, I’m living like this” does eventually slip into, “What the heck am I doing?”

I want to add a home gym to Dave’s and my bedroom. The freakishly large room is half vacant carpet, and until now, I haven’t known what to do with it. I imagine a treadmill, rowing machine, and stretching/yoga/mirror area.

I miss pushing my body physically and getting that addictive rush of endorphins.

Now that I’m home from work and actually in the bedroom, I may have been overzealous with my workout space dream. Tomorrow I’ll have to look up the machine’s dimensions and take a tape measure and blue painter’s tape to the area.

Funny how the overpriced subscription-based Peloton franchise has eroded my defenses to the point I now want one.

“What idiots,” I once thought of Peloton owners (even though I secretly wanted one but couldn’t justify the cost). Now that I can get a much more affordable used price and take advantage of someone else’s buyer’s remorse, I’m in! In looking at the Facebook marketplace and Offerup, there are A LOT of remorseful souls.

I’ll let you know how taping off the area goes. For now, I need to close my eyes and lessen this headache. Happy hump day!

Love, Jaclynn

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