Somewhere With You

Heading to Toronto, riding the rails. Strands of lights under eaves brighten the shadows. I step into the light of which I’m not. Oddly lovely are the people. A stranger in the cafeteria can’t cope with being known. That blonde, of course she sees, the hate within her like gun powder. A conveyor belt toContinue reading “Somewhere With You”

A Spot Of Tea?

The juice supplying creativity amounts to barely a drop; if served in a saucer, a mouse would say, “What kind of restaurant is this?” and then throw it to the floor. Not enough for the smallest vermin, not enough for me.  The heater sounds like someone’s holding a note far past their lung’s capacity. IContinue reading “A Spot Of Tea?”

You, The Creator

With the skill of an artist’s touch on canvas, or a piece of fabric, or a block, or a blank page, something emerges, something within expressed outwardly, as if by magic. I’m no magician, but sometimes when the moon is in its waxing phase, and all the children are resting soundly in their beds, IContinue reading “You, The Creator”