Stick With It

My mother’s memory shook her disapproving head at the amount of shampoo I placed on my hand and lathered into my hair moments ago. Were you also taught not to be wasteful in specific areas of the household? It’s funny how those tidbits stick with you. And how, even though I’m a million light-years awayContinue reading “Stick With It”

A Special Lady

“The Teachings of Buddha” is read aloud on the bed next to me. By Evelyn, the two-and-a-half-year-old (don’t tell her I told you this) that can’t read. She’s dog-tired; from being snapped in and snapped out of the car seat, from tromping through slushy snow (she didn’t mind), and standing in frigid, send-you-hurriedly-back-to-the-car winds. HerContinue reading “A Special Lady”

Living After Loss

Death is an interesting animal. Unexpected is the relief and hopefulness that arrives sometime after, like a dear old friend knocking at the door. The tendency might be to feel guilty; how is it ok to feel like a kid waiting to get into Disneyland at a time like that? At the time of myContinue reading “Living After Loss”