No Water, People

I mistakenly thought the National Park Ranger’s tin container had marijuana in it, along with the necessary paraphernalia to smoke this afternoon.  However, inside was a dried string bean, an ear of corn, a shard of Obsidian, and various other rocks native to the Sedona valley – instead of the wacky tobacky. I’d later learnContinue reading “No Water, People”

A Special Lady

“The Teachings of Buddha” is read aloud on the bed next to me. By Evelyn, the two-and-a-half-year-old (don’t tell her I told you this) that can’t read. She’s dog-tired; from being snapped in and snapped out of the car seat, from tromping through slushy snow (she didn’t mind), and standing in frigid, send-you-hurriedly-back-to-the-car winds. HerContinue reading “A Special Lady”