Two Games In One

The second FaceTime of the night (am I that parent?) to Evelyn involved showing her the Seattle Kraken’s band playing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” outside the Climate Pledge Arena. Appearing to eat chicken nuggets, she cutely bobbed her head back and forth to the beat. Dave and I are having an impromptu evening out; thanksContinue reading “Two Games In One”

She’s Going The Distance

I’m back from a 40-minute in-between session walk through construction zones and sleepy rural areas. Two white-haired women, one sitting on her bum legs out like a child playing with their toys, worked in her garden, whereas another held her phone up and took directions from YouTube to spray paint two pieces of furniture anContinue reading “She’s Going The Distance”

Grand Salami Time

As far back as I can remember my Dad’s taken me to Seattle Mariner’s baseball games. For a couple bucks, he’d pick up a program and a pencil and I’d be entertained for hours with hand scoring base hits, unswung strikeouts, and runs during the game. This is back during the Kingdome days when beingContinue reading “Grand Salami Time”