Rain, Rain Come Again

What’s your favorite out-of-the-blue bill to pay? I’ll start. It has to be the tabs renewal from the Department of Licensing for $419. As I scoffed at each line item, I hot potatoed through the DOL’s website to pay it as quickly as possible.

Remember how I said I’d hit up the ol’ Value Village in the name of self-care? Well, I did, and to prove it, I’m wearing a knee-length navy blue skirt with moonlit patterned birds in flight and a flowy tank top the color of Minnie Mouse’s bow.

Also, I started listening to 70 Over 70, a podcast with a younger gentleman interviewing and conversing with people over 70; the first is with his 80-year-old father in a hospital bed.

It’s a touching and tear-jerking conversation packed with meaning and revelations that shed perspective on life that’s rarely observed.

As for the conversation that’s happening at the Going On 40 blog, I don’t intend to stop. Whatever is happening here, I’m digging it.

We have a week of 90-plus degree days staring us down, and I’m not a fan: Browning grass, burning skin, excess air conditioning use. I’m a Northwest girl for a reason, so in the equation, I need moisturization. (AKA rain).

I think I’ll end on that. Stay cool.
Love, Jaclynn

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