Toddler Talk #1

A once-blank journal rests on a ledge above the piano. Once-blank, you ask? Yep, but it’s starting to fill fast. For 950 days, the “The Kids Say the Darndest Things” diary has sat waiting for Evelyn-isms to spring forth, and although it’s still far too early in the talking race, I thought I’d share a few.

In no particular order, 

Evelyn to Dad: Are you pooping?
Dad: Yes, I’m pooping.
Evelyn: Why not peeing?
Dad: I’m peeing too. 
Evelyn: ♬Peeing and pooping.♬ (Repeat x8 in sing-songy voice)

Evelyn (with hand motions): I break an egg. Get older. Go in the egg.

Evelyn: Daddy, look at my poop! I make a big poop and a little poop! I eat dinner and turn it into poop!

Mom: Can I get another hug and kiss?
Evelyn: No, you have enough. 

The amount of people I can count on in my life is more bountiful than I sometimes give credit to. I don’t know why I minimize these value-filled and meaningful connections, but I do. And I’m not doing it anymore.

I want accountability. So, I’m putting an event one month out in my calendar and will check back here on how I’m doing on this front. 

And even though I’ve been making stupid little mistakes in my work life lately, I’m proud and grateful for how forgiving and caring I’ve been to myself in their aftermath.

That comment made me blush, So that means this episode is over. I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Love, Jaclynn

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