Photo Forgiveness Finish

I once believed forgiveness to be an action performed, like waving a magic wand and saying, “Alakazam! Forgiven!”

But like Yoda explained, “The path to forgiveness, this is not.”

While looking through photos for a blog post, I ran across a picture of an ex-boyfriend last night. My knee-jerk reaction up until that point had been to delete it and hate him with the wrath of a thousand huntsman.

But the disdain I used to have wasn’t there and in its place I found a bit of sadness.

Although my reaction surprised me, it was also validating.

Mostly because taking down the walls of protection around me has taken time and these growing pains are not always that comfortable. So when I finally reach a place of peace and acceptance in an area, the experience is all the more meaningful.

I know there’s still work to do. And that’s ok. I just remind myself, one thing at a time.

And you got this.


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