Let’s Get It Started

Wind me up and watch me go—a hamster on its wheel. I’m the white rabbit looking at his pocket watch always late to a date, always apologizing for something.

It’s this energy: The never enough, the never get it done, and the never slow down that I don’t know what to do with at times.

After a taxing and vulnerable day at work I struggle to know how to soothe this this revved-up vehicle of mine.

But, just by writing and voicing my experience, I notice the generator within me slowing, and how tending to it in this way lessens its strength.

Well, that’s mighty cool!

Now that I can breathe again and think straight, I need to tell you something important. Something very, very important.

We have lift off. Meaning, the ducklings have hatched!

The Craigslist woman’s information on sexing Muscovy ducks interested me: “By two weeks you can tell the sex, as the girls start getting their feathers before the boys and the girls are lighter in color. Also, girls walk with their feet turned in, and boys have a wider stance.”

Now that you have more duck info than you never knew you needed to know, pencil May 25th on the calendar. That’s the day two baby girl ducks come home with me.

That’s all I got. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Jaclynn

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