Fight For Your Right

Do you ever want to bitch, rant, stomp your feet and scream at the top of your lungs about something or someone until…like, forever? I do. All the freaking time!

It’s hard being me; just an upstanding citizen on the verge of going full Karen all the time.

I had a call earlier with an insurance company on behalf of a client. I imagined the call would be crazy-making. It was crazy-making, and it is still slightly crazy-making.

But what do I do? I take the high road and apply their worthless suggestion.

Years ago, when I repeatedly stormed into my then supervisor’s office and pointed out all the illogical and absurd answers on a licensure exam I was practicing for they listened and empathized. Still, ultimately their advice to me was loud and clear.

Don’t fight the test. 

But! But. but. 

I am a test fighter, a rule questioner, and a line jumper over-er. I question and fight primarily because I really, Really, REALLY!! don’t like being told what to do. 

But where does fighting the test and flipping the insurance company the bird get me?

**Heavy sigh** Nowhere. I’ll take my ball and go home now.

I do understand that not every situation warrants a fight.


Mark my words, and put me down for a reservation for one: When the time comes for a real fight, not the fight for the right to party kind of fight, but for things like human rights or my values –

You better believe I’ll be there. 

See you here tomorrow. Love, Jaclynn

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