The Caged Bird

My eyes linger on my reflection; I give myself a Mona Lisa smirk and shake my hair lightly back and forth.

I’m in one of those flirty, smitten with myself kind of moods. It feels as if I’m just back from a vacation where the constant sun and relaxation has passionately kissed me back to health.

Only I haven’t gone anywhere.

I’m learning how to pivot my mindset.

Wu-Wei, or the art of effortless action, is making me aware; of the times I force circles into squares, or the ways I get myself into the worst positions in Twister.

By easing up, I’m gaining moments of profound appreciation. There really is so much to be grateful for.

And I’ve realized this as well; the ability to forgive is directly related to our capacity for growth.

I’ve forgiven things from my past, things I didn’t even believe were possible. By doing so I’ve found that forgiveness is like setting caged birds free. Only they’re not birds. They’re the ugliest and most unlovable aspects of ourselves.

Finding my worth at forty, who would’ve thought?

Love, Jaclynn

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