Show ‘Em, Don’t Tell: A Writing Exercise

Choose one of the following:

“Describe the gunky stuff that gets caught in the basket at the bottom of the sink. Don’t use the words disgusting or gross.”

“Chris walks into a room. By describing only the reactions of the others in the room, let us know something about him.”

“Some people can’t smell. In one paragraph, make them understand ‘skunk.'”

When held too long, its aloe vera-like feel inflicts a gag reflex. A tip of a green, a soggy crust, the curds of old milk; these castaways catch like a tumbleweed in a chainlink fence.

Will they be utilized for a drunken college bet; eat the strainer full of leavings for a whopping hundred bucks?

Or will they be slammed like pumpkin guts onto the plastic-lined garbage, sliding into their forever home?

Or even better, will they be forgotten, air sucking the moisture from their ever-living souls, and left like mini-statues as though Medusa herself had spied them.

Love, Jaclynn

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