Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Instead of saying, “I miss him so much,” or “I’m so angry,” try seeing what happens when you change it to, “Something in me misses him so much,” or “Something in me is so angry.” I like exercises that can shift my perspective. Especially when they take an eclipsing experience and shave it down toContinue reading “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”

Show ‘Em! – A Writing Exercise

Do you recall the writing exercise I mentioned the other day? The one designed to get the reader to fill in the blanks as the writer tries to convey emotion through action? I thought I’d share the one I did for my post today. Her body buzzes like it isn’t hers. The pressure in her forehead andContinue reading “Show ‘Em! – A Writing Exercise”

“I Don’t Remember” Exercise

I don’t remember how he picked up his feet when he walked or whether his burgundy woolen slippers skimmed the ground or if they left it with room to spare. I don’t remember the kind of cup he poured his box of red wine Franzia into. I’d surely remember if it was a proper stemmedContinue reading ““I Don’t Remember” Exercise”