Running Shmunning

I’m afraid my life is on a downhill slide; like, all the best times of my life are in the past. What a scary thought that is, right? But still, I can’t help to think – what if it’s true?

I suppose my first thought is that I can’t know if it’s true. Mainly because the future hasn’t happened yet.

Which means it’s just a fear; nothing more, nothing less. Besides, perhaps in ten years I’ll look back on this period of my life and say “My forties? Oh heck yes! They were the decade!” 

I’ve been thinking about getting in physical shape and know that running will likely help my overall outlook. And that there’s a treadmill downstairs calling my name makes doing so all the more simple.

But I’m scared to set a goal; that if I don’t follow through, and then won’t be able to trust myself.

I suppose I should take some of my own medicine. Watch and be amazed as I therapize myself…

So what is it that you want to focus on today?

I want to start running, but I don’t want to start running.  

Oooh, a conflict. I love a conflict. What is that you struggle most with getting started?

I think it’s the doing it part. Oh, and maybe I’m also scared of seeing how bad of shape I’m in.

Those are understandable concerns. So what would “doing it” look like to you Jaclynn?

Well Jaclynn, I’d start by putting on some comfortable clothes and shoes. Then I’d tell Dave I need thirty minutes to exercise so he could watch Evelyn. And then I’d get on the treadmill and do it.  

That sounds simple enough. What is the most challenging part of the steps you just listed?

I know I have a busy day tomorrow, so it’d have to be finding the time.

How about you take a look at your schedule right now and let me know when you can do it?

Geez lady, you’re pushy but ok, fine. I found a spot at 10am where a client doesn’t actually exist. I can do it then.

Great! Sounds like we have a plan. And don’t forget, the entire internet is watching. 

Flipping fabulous.

I intentionally chose not to write about my desire to run for this very reason; I knew that once I said something, I’d have to do it. Accountability is a bad bitch.

Well, time’s up. That’s all for this session.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re having a nice week and I’ll tell you all about running, er fast walking, tomorrow.

Love ya!

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