Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Instead of saying, “I miss him so much,” or “I’m so angry,” try seeing what happens when you change it to, “Something in me misses him so much,” or “Something in me is so angry.”

I like exercises that can shift my perspective. Especially when they take an eclipsing experience and shave it down to a sliver. I need that at times.

I’ve been dealing with boulders of emotions and thoughts that, no matter how I try to Atlas them out of the way, roll me right over.

I need a long, best-friend conversation with Kristen about all this. She’ll tell me if I’m being stupid or not.

She thinks I’m overanalyzing myself into a pickle. Her feedback – as was my stepmom’s – is that my profession creates problems for me. Like, when I’m not ok with something someone does, but I also understand why they did it. As you might imagine, it creates quite a conflict in me! Kristen told me to stop pressing the button on the blender, to move on and set boundaries to ensure something similar doesn’t happen again. Do all this, she said, and I’ll be right as rain.

I am right as rain.

Good night. Love, Jaclynn

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