Hardly Harder

Damn taxes. Despite all the soul-sucking number crunching done by Dave and me at FreeTaxUSA, not only are we behind financially but also we’re behind on dinner.

“Let’s remember next year when we say ‘let’s do taxes” that means we’re going be in a bad mood for the rest of the day,” Dave says while browning beef over medium heat, something that’s needed for a lasagna dinner he’s two hours behind on, and if we continue on this path, will lead to a 10pm start.

Pizza it is!

I felt so optimistic going in, too; but the extra percent or two set aside in estimated taxes for my business couldn’t compete with the massive underage in health insurance payments from our subsidy decreasing.

I tell ya, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

We’re sleeping in the guest room. My Apple watch consistently shows data that I sleep better in this Queen-sized Puyallup fair purchase than on the Amazon King-sized buy in the bedroom, and with a 10-client day tomorrow, I need all the juice I can squeeze.

I was told recently by two people I inspire them, and both times I reacted with a furrowed brow and confused “Really?” It’s interesting the things that make us feel awkward.

I’m over the taxes thing. We have a rainy day fund set aside exactly for situations like this, and while sitting cross-legged outside the bathroom as Dave helped Evelyn brush her teeth, I told him so. His response? “Well, yeah, but then we can’t do other things with it.”

He’s right. But dwelling on it is no way to be. Onward, forward!

I’ve been keeping up on upper body conditioning and will definitely make my 3.4 push-up goal by the month’s end. At times it’s as if a drill sergeant is whistle-blowing at me because I drop down almost anywhere and start pumping- at the beach, against the bathtub and kitchen island, a chair. It doesn’t matter.

Do you know when things get hard, quitting seems the only option? My writing group feels like that. But I also know the value of digging deep, despite the challenge. This reminds me of a basketball game I played in high school. I forget how many points we were down, but a lot depended on us winning that game. We weren’t going to, but I wouldn’t accept it. I put every single bit of myself into it until the very last second, and later in the locker room, my coach, having noticed, teared up at how seeing hard I’d battled.

Let’s do dis!

Love, Jaclynn

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