Average Joe Schmoe

I’m tongue-tied; these dang dead-end thoughts are forcing me up against a wall. Also, I feel vulnerable; a shaky chest coupled with dagger thoughts point out that I’m the problem.

Even though they’re irrational, my mind can’t help but slam puzzle pieces in places where they don’t belong.

I rarely watch tv, and even rarer is watching it alone. But tonight, I’m lying outstretched on the couch, mindlessly watching “Survivor” as a refueling station.

Seeing the Brawn, Beauty, and Brain groups struggle with bugs crawling in their ears, blistering sunburns, and panic attacks is soothing me.

I think I’ve been putting undo pressure on myself; as a parent, as a therapist, as a friend, and as a wife. And I’m here to say I’m lowering the bar, it’s ok to be mediocre.

Take care. I’ll see you here tomorrow.

Love, Jaclynn

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