Mom’s Weekend

I’ve been primed for a night like tonight.

Years ago, once a pig-tailed girl, I’d run down our graveled driveway, hop a ditch into the neighbor’s yard, and sprint their manicured lawn with one thing in mind as I knocked, “Can Samantha play?’

Until the Stottolemyre’s moved in next door, living in the country meant staring at ant piles, building forts out of hay taller than yourself, and getting annoyed at your younger brother.

But all that forever changed when the long stretches of summer and afternoons after school meant endless game-playing with my year older, blonde-ringlet friend.

Five-card draw, Sweet Valley High, Rummikub, and Skip-bo are a few that come to mind. And you better believe all those hours upon hours of playtime led to a merciless takedown of the two other moms in both games of Skip-Bo tonight.

And if you stopped by here yesterday, you’ll recall I took the first trip to our cabin with a girlfriend and her toddler. Well, it just so happens another friend had a dream about the ocean and messaged me wanting to stay with her 3-year-old her. A “the more, the merrier” text, in return, has the six of us staying under this 600-square-foot roof tonight.

I’m tempted to make this a monthly affair. But it is A LOT, so how about we try for one every two instead.

Love, Jaclynn

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