Worry Warthog

I try to calm myself with it’s ok, and just breathe, but in this moment, my internal 12-year-old is running the show, sticking their tongue out with fingers in their ears while saying, “Not listening.”

With a magnetic attraction of a mob to the word “fight,” my adrenaline kicks in. Then all at once, uninvited thoughts spiral into all the ways I could be doing better, should be doing more, and fuuuuck.

All this on an idyllic Saturday at home with my family.

I worry. Then I worry about the worry. And I’m here to say I no longer want to worry. 

From watching this video with Brene Brown (fast forward to 7:26), I learned that we have control over worry and can change it. And one of the simplest ways is to ask; is this line of thinking helping or hurting me?

And if it’s hurting me, I gotta do something else. Maybe I’ll come here and talk it out – ooh, I like that.

Welp here goes nothing!

Petpalooza, a pig race, the garden, read, cook, family and friends over, Dave’s birthday. How’s that for the cliff notes version of my day?

My tummy’s feeling a little funky. Perhaps the deep-fried chicken, homemade chocolate cake, and red wine are not playing nice. 

A lil’ shut-eye should help. Talk to you tomorrow.


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