Dirty Dwarf

Wanting to drip a last drop of sun on myself, I flung out a blanket to soak it up. But the tippety-top of a Douglas fir stole it from me.

So I departed with an idea, and returned to the spot carrying a propane tank in one hand and a stove in the other. Looking like I was about to start up an impromptu tailgate party.

Then the pet duck zoom zoomed onto the blanket and Archie dog nudged open the lid of the storage bench hoping to find a red squirrel back for more sunflower seeds. And Evelyn arrived with blankets of her own and smeared chocolate cake mix on her face. I looked down and found brown on my knuckles as well.

I tell ya, it’s a shit show over here!

There’s been pre-tasting and baking a chocolate cake for Dave’s birthday tomorrow. But not much is cleaned up, I guess.

Anyway, I put my precious veggie starts in the ground today. Since mini ice balls shot from the sky a week ago, I haven’t felt good about them going up against that badass lady Mother Nature.

But I might be more sensitive than most. Last fall, when I placed a poinsettia house plant outside for some fresh air, a rogue storm came and pelted its leaves straight off. Trauma much? With lots of well wishes and coddling it’s since made a full recovery but will forever stay an inside plant.

It’s a Snow White and the Seven Dwarf kind of night. Interesting how my 91-year-old Grandma was only nine years old when it came out in 1937; I wonder where she was when she saw it for the first time.

I looked up a fun factoid for ya. Did you know Dwarves’ names also in the running were Biggy-Wiggy or Biggo-Ego, Blabby, Deafy, Dirty, Gabby, Gaspy, Gloomy, Hoppy-Jumpy, Hotsy, Jaunty, Nifty, and Shifty?

That’ll do it for tonight; gotta pay attention to the movie. Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Jaclynn

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