I See Dead People

For those of you not privy to the characteristics of seed swap attendees, think of a cross between Renaissance fairgoers, commune guitar pickers, and librarian tote-slinging afternoon tea drinkers.

Where I fall may be a mashup of all three.

As the vest-wearing creators of the event cuddled up to smile for a selfie, I imagined myself in their shoes in the future. It’s no wonder, too; aligning my values within a community is my why for getting up in the morning.

Oh damn! A twenty-something 1970s Vietnam protestor-looking chick fit with overalls, a fanny pack, and a miss Daisy basket just walked by. #futuregoals

Bedrooms are such a soothing, happy place for me. Right after starting graduate school, I remember relying on an image of myself in a fleece-line duvet cover nestled into a mattress topper with the room darkened by a black-out curtain. I’d imagine the womb-like safety of that space to transport me to a calmer state of being. After rearranging the guest bedroom, it’s now such a cozy space I’m inclined to bed down in for the night.

Do I get an automatic sprinkler to take care of the garden when I’m away for a month this summer? I feel bad for whomever house sits, as the ducks, cats, Archie, the fish, and houseplants are already on the list.

I plan to sow vegetable seeds indoors in pots tomorrow. That way, when the final frost of winter passes come April, I’ll be ready. And listen to this, I must have hauled about $60 worth of seeds earlier. Some of the flower varieties should be fun!

Did I react well after Evelyn told me about the angry man she sees when she closes her eyes? How he cuts plants and sometimes people. Although shaken, I nodded, asked her questions about it, and then told her how fear is normal. And after reading a book where the reader “scares away a big frog” by growling, I asked if she could scare away the man like that. She thought so.

What the hell is this parenting thing anyway? I didn’t sign up for this.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.
Love, Jaclynn

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