Outlook Not So Good

“There was a code brown at the Y today.” Although I don’t think Dave mentioned the pool’s color system, I’m no dummy. “So what do they do if it’s not solid,” I ask when a cloudy, peanut-y mess comes to mind. “Well, there’s a vacuum with a big tube thing.” Which I ponder, but I also don’t think really answers my question.

I’m beating myself up over an email I sent to a client. I worry I betrayed their trust. But also I don’t really know. I need to ask.

Over the weekend, I read a statistic that 91% of what people worry about doesn’t come true. The researchers had 29 people write down everything they worried about for ten days, then a month later reviewed the results. Even more interesting is the most common percentage of participants in the study had 100% untrue worries.

Maybe instead of betraying their trust, I strengthened it.

It’s bedtime, and Evelyn’s on her second bedroom exit. The first was the usual bring us her empty milk cup, while the one that comes next is always interesting.

Sleeking around the corner of the wall, she pointed to her 6-inch toy bald eagle and asked. “What does him say?”

Living in the Pacific Northwest, my daughter must know an eagle’s sound!

So I abandoned my usual protocol of sending her back to her room, pulled up a YouTube video and we practiced hitting the screeching high notes.

Well, that about does it for me. I’m in the home stretch of a book, and I’m itchin’ to know how big the ending’s twist will be. 

Thanks for dropping by. Love, Jaclynn

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