Nobody Puts Baby

“Go get more education,” a defensive, cornered-feeling client told me in session today. Little did they know that being perceived as an idiot or a shitty therapist is an insecurity of mine, so the attack caused a few stars to swirl above my cartoon anvil-hit head. 

Thankfully their focus returned to the conversation with their partner giving me time to regroup. 

Now a word from our sponsors: Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? As though the only solution is to leap from a window as if the room is on fire? Have no fear! The Atomic Fireball is here! At 2,500 Scoville’s, the jalapeno-like heat will dance center stage in your mouth as those silly punk emotions and insecurities will be a thing of the past. Atomic Fireball: it works better than your therapist!

So yeah, swishing the candy’s heat in my mouth worked. And after twenty or so seconds of that, I interrupted them, “Uh, so is this thing you’re doing, or what we’re doing, working?” Both their heads shook, and I said, “Yeah, me too. This isn’t working for me either.”

And then, we had one of our best conversations to date.

I’m searching the wall for ideas, and the gaps around the light switch are bothering me. My electrician uncle told me how easy it is to cut drywall correctly so when I see the error, I think but it didn’t have to be that way. Still, why haven’t I fixed it? I love caulking and could quickly fill the spaces in the living room and in the bedroom. Ok, fine. I’m on it. Tomorrow.

Remember the white tennis shoes I was so pumped for my walk/blogging. Well, they came. You can tell, can’t you – I don’t sound excited. I tried hard to love them, really I did. I kept them on my feet around the kitchen, convincing myself eventually they’d break in. I showed Dave and walked in significantly exaggerated steps because for some reason they felt like Ronald McDonald clown shoes. Plus bending in at the top of my foot hit the bone and it hurt. So I’m sad. But also happy I’m not going to keep them and hope for comfort that may never be.

Well, aren’t I a chatty Cathy/Kathy tonight? No offense to all you C(K)athy’s out there. 

Love, Jaclynn

Soup is ready for Saturday!

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