She’s A Small Wonder

A hard parenting night, the building up of work to-do’s, and a blank mind equally block the imagination’s flow.

Right now, it’s a Kraken game that’s strangling my creative juices; a goal for the opposing team with 3.3 seconds remaining tied it up. And seconds into OT, they scored again. Sports stress me out.

But only temporarily. If I stick around, wait until everyone leaves the party, and it’s just a few of us remaining, a special something shows up.

On the last day of senior high school, two guy friends spent the night. We didn’t sleep but instead talked—all night. I remember the lighting of the sky signaling day and our equal fascination with the transition we were undergoing—Andy Ainsworth and Travis Kenny, and me, in sleeping bags, ridiculously tired but unable to sleep.

I’d like to know what I’ll say if I stick around here like that. Where will inspiration take me?

Last night I toured a mine, and tonight a high school memory.

Earlier today, I stood talking to my neighbor Chuck in front of a large fire he had built on his patio. I wanted to see if his granddaughter could have a temporary face tattoo. Upon hearing she could, she returned to my house while we continued chatting.

Due to a car wreck several months ago, he’s experienced fatigue in his left arm and right leg. His nerves are pinched, and he’s scheduled for surgery in January.

At times in our conversation, his eyes narrowed at having his body degrade in a way he’d never before experienced. “A car crash is what got me, really?” He reminded me of a cornered deer; this giant, brash, loud lumberjack of a man that, when we’d first moved in, after mentioning in passing our concern for our garage roof, had unannounced, an hour later, brought his truck and ladder over to check it out.

He’s a good guy.

I posted to a therapist’s Reddit a simple hang in there, you got this and received over a hundred upvotes. My Fantasy football team kicked butt, and the french toast casserole and homemade chocolate cake went over swimmingly. It’s been a good day—happy 3rd birthday to my little child wonder.


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