I don’t know how to ask this heavy and chaotic mind of mine to do anything. I am out in the ozone, staring off and putting off writing.

I want you to know I’m ok. Really.

But how does one write and find their voice when lost in a maze?

Maybe I will start by telling you that I’m worried. A client has not gotten back to me after they sent several cryptic messages. I’m hopeful it is nothing, and that it is only that I’m reading more into it than what it is.

But also I feel like there are a million things I want to do, and am behind on, but feel like I’m running in circles and getting nowhere on.

And at times like now, I hate being a therapist. I find that I edit and expect myself to have my shit together when the fact is I don’t.

I’m just a clueless mess of a human tonight.

Goodnight. Love, Jaclynn

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