Lesson On Guilt

What’s the emotion you least like experiencing and why?

Mine has always been guilt. I think it’s because guilt usually comes wrapped with fear and anxiety like bacon and cream cheese do in a jalapeno popper.

Too much guilt is like weeds in a garden. A few are fine, but the more you have, the more the soil gets stripped of its nutrients and the less space there is for the desired vegetation.

I recall stockpiling guilt and hiding it away in shadowy places. Often I’d lie to myself, saying, This is just the way life is.

And I did that for a long time.

Maybe it was therapy. Perhaps it was getting older or the passage of time, but my relationship with guilt has changed; slow and steady, similar to how the dead of winter births into spring.

Having a healthier relationship with guilt today means my relationship with myself and others can improve, as I no longer am responsible for more than my share.

And in taking a fair amount of accountability I’ve been able to regain trust in myself.

This leads me to the newest addition to my client load, a novice therapist. They’re overwhelmed and struggling, and are unsure if they will make it in the counseling field.

I remember those early days and although I am glad they are over I look forward to sharing what’s helped and worked for me. I’m hoping the lessons I’ve gained will benefit them.

Anyway, what a busy day it was!

We had two sets of grandparents over. Went to town for the Daffodil Parade. Finished a colorful macaroon puzzle. Ate my famous homemade salsa, guacamole, and enchiladas. And watched the animated Robin Hood on the projector. And now, I’m ready for bed.

I hope your weekend is going swimmingly. Love, Jaclynn

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