Margarita Villa

Coffee shops used to be a destination, not just a driveby. I’d sustain myself for hours with a backpack filled with a charger, laptop, phone, book, and a little cash.

I’d start off with a coffee, level up to a pastry, and if I sat long enough get a soup or panini. I miss the days of idly chatting with the shop’s owner, learning about their plans to move to Coeur d’Alene and retire, or of their desire to expand the business into a nightclub-like atmosphere.

Time for myself was in abundance back then.

However, I badly need it in my life. Like three full days of time with no husband, kid, clients, friends, family, duck, dog, laundry, or bills.

And I know exactly what I’d do too. I’d lay in bed, order sushi for delivery, play virtual poker, make margaritas, order pizza, and try to sit still for a movie trilogy.

Then repeat it.
And repeat again.

All that sounded so good my mind’s scheming about how to make it a reality.

I can see it now. “Uh, hey Dave. Husband of mine. Love of my life. I know it’s almost our anniversary, but would you mind if I stayed in the bedroom for three days. Also, would you mind sleeping somewhere else? Just shove pizza under the door for me, keep Evelyn fed and quiet, and Archie, Billie Murray, and Sue T. Bird the same. Aw, thanks, hon. Muah.”

He’s a fantastic person, but I’m not so confident that’d fly. Oh well, a new bucket list item!

Anyhow, I hope your weekend was excellent. Mine was grand.

Lots of love. Jaclynn

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