Dead Hearts

The fewer number of unknowables in my life, the better.

Side note: I love my deodorant.

At our last family Christmas dinner, I sniffed a divine scent on my sister-in-law, which made my olfactories go a bit bonkers. I had to know it and had to have it – whatever it was.

It turns out it was Wilderness with Lavender by Old Spice and the very next day I did something I rarely do; I made a specific trip to the store for a stick of that dang deodorant.

But you can bet I’m still kicking myself for not writing down the maker of the most fabulous and comfortable robe in the whole wide world from an Airbnb in Portland.

If the mysteries of life have taught me anything it’s – be bold, dammit!

Then again, sometimes things just end up in your lap. I should know.

At the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, Dave and I saw the band Stars. At one point I started singing along to one of their songs. It felt odd because I had no clue who the band was.

Some backstory.

Years prior, I’d listened to that same song religiously after seeing it in a movie. But then, at some point, my memory lost the song. I panicked and scoured YouTube, message boards, and all sorts of “find a song” websites with no luck.

And this went on for years!

Until bam! I’m at their freaking concert.

Today, the vinyl record sits safely on a shelf, ready to be played whenever I like.

All this to say: May your day be filled with moments as serendipitous as mine was that day.

Love, Jaclynn

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