A Real-Life Person At The IRS

“I was able to do 24 pull-ups. As you can imagine, I was quite the studlette.”

This morning, day five of waiting on hold for far too long and getting hung up on, things greatly improved when Shannon came on the line.

As expected the 62-year-old Marine’s military career bled into the commands given at the beginning of our call. “State your full name. DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT spell it. Now. Go.”

I sprang to attention, mindful of her directives and how my financial well-being momentarily rested at the tips of her fingers.

“Boy George! I’ve located it.” She exclaimed at the high reward moment that rarely comes for her. All too often payments get lost in the system requiring further phone calls and appointments to be made. This was not one of those.

“Boy George. He was big when I first got into the military. Now that takes me back. Good memories. I had the whole world at my fingertips back then.”

I shush Dave and Evelyn as she talks. “Is that your daughter in the background?”

I tell her yes, she’s two-and-a-half.

“My son and daughter-in-law are due in October. I loved being a Mom. I’d throw my son in the air. Oh, we’d do everything together. I can’t wait to be a grandma.”

She mothered me too – IRS style.

“Do not use IRS2Go; use EFTPS. Sure, you’ll get a pin. And who wants another one of those, right? But it’s better, quicker. I’ve had mine for 15 years.”

She felt good helping, I could tell. Cleaning up my account, closing unneeded payroll tabs. At a $3.50 balance the militant took a backseat and out came her nurturing side.

“I like things zeroed out. Goes back to my accounting roots.” I told her about having a retired banker father. “Oh then, you get it. Yeah, better to take care of them than not.”

Just two ladies chatting it up and enjoying themselves on the IRS’s dime.

To all my readers out there; I hope you get a Shannon someday. She sure made mine today.

Love, Jaclynn

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