Rain On Me

Today, seven boats were on the lake for the fishing derby – a paddleboat, a kayak, and a few canoes. Two of the vessels had electric mowers, and the rest of us simpletons circled oars up and down.

But the rain didn’t stop us – no siree!

Side note, and speaking of rain, a downpour hit while walking from the car to the grocery store yesterday. While people huddled at the opening of the store, not entering or leaving, Evelyn and I sauntered, got soaked, and it felt amazing.

Anyway, I caught one fish, a small perch using a silver minnow-looking lure. To be sure I gently wiggled the hook free and threw it back in the lake.

At one point in the kayak, Evelyn stood and her balance teetered like an alcoholic at last call. When gravity started to send her overboard my Mom spidey senses sprang to life, and the tip of her butt was the only thing to hit the water before she was back standing in the boat. I imagine a similar wide-eyed look was on both of our faces.

Remember how I started the year by going through every room in the house and decluttering them? Well, my mind’s on the tubs of miscellaneous stuff in the basement. They’re the final frontier in my quest! Well, kinda. There’s a closet in the guest room that also needs a clean-out.

Also, I need more parenting tools. Evelyn and I often got into a stalemate at bedtime tonight. Right before, she ran butt naked out of the house, into the rain, and was heading to who knows where.

I told her no and got her inside. But then she grabbed a bazillion toys to take to bed, didn’t want a diaper on, and kept ignoring me. My knee-jerk was to feel angry at her, but I’m not too fond of that. However, I don’t know what to do instead.

There’s likely a good book out there somewhere.

As deemed by Reddit, “No Bad Kids” by Janet Lansbury is the one. I’m downloading it now.

Perhaps we can get a Severance episode before dreamland hits. Night, night!

Love, Jaclynn

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