Pizza Pity Partay

I scrapped the post I wrote for tonight and started from scratch. I’m scrambling to find words like Dorothy finding Toto before the tornado in The Wizard of Oz.

Speaking of scratch, I made pizza dough for dinner. Not just dough because that would be weird. But with pepperoni and homemade marinara. But it was too bread-y.

I feel like a big glob of falling short. Not in my tasks or anything, but in my mini-goals. I don’t know what exactly but if feels like I’m hitting every red light or in a long line at the grocery store.

I want some pity. Most people don’t want pity, which means there’s a surplus out there and I’ll take it.

My Dad and I got into a disagreement about fish and their feeling pain earlier. He said they don’t feel pain because they don’t have a nervous system. I googled it and found out they do and texted him and told him so. He said yeah, but a tiny one, and not in their mouth. I googled again and learned they have nociceptors in their mouth and do feel pain. But I didn’t message him that because then I thought about the ants. I’m killing them with boric acid next to my shower without caring about their pain, so I decided to drop it.

Speaking of fish, the annual fishing derby for the lake we live on is tomorrow. It’s a small, cute little lake, and it’s the first year out of the last two we’ve lived here we’ll attend. I’m making homemade biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, and french toast for my family and a few friends. It should be a swell time.

And I’m going to message the lady about the ducklings tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have them before the weekend ends.

The rainbow above the house was spectacular tonight. I told Dave if we ever sell we have a real estate picture ready.

That’s all. Night!

Love, Jaclynn

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