Barefoot Therapy

Do you ever find yourself in a dilemma and don’t know what choice to make? That dam of a place where pros and cons and cons and pros are cited, all the while time is lost and pain and resistance build?

Like being in one of those finger traps, where the harder you pull, the more stuck you get.

I’ve decided that place in the middle, a state of limbo, the drumming fingers on a countertop waiting for the phone to ring is no longer for me.

You heard it here first! I plan to make deals with Devil and not bat an eye.

Forgetting to change out of black flip-flops with spilled white paint on them made me feel like a dud at work today. And not the gooey caramel inside the chocolate kind of a dud, but the firecracker whose fuse won’t light kind. 

Maybe I’ll turn into a barefoot therapist.

I’m feeling inspired to take on a grand project; the weather’s friendly, my mood’s bright, and my body’s begging to work hard. But I haven’t a clue what it might be. 

Maybe I do; raised beds for my garden. That the dang moles make me want to throw in the towel so early in the season is a sign something needs to change – they came up twice in the spot I planted the carrots. Grr.

Do you know what that means?! Time to check out Pinterest ideas!

It’s 9:42 pm, and Dave informed me my duck’s out. Oops. But he said he’d pen up him up for me—what a guy.

That’s all there is for tonight. I hope you had an excellent Thursday and an even better Friday!


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