I’ll Be The Judge

It’s not my intention to say “this sucks” or “I hate this” after closing the binding on most of the children’s books we read together as a family, but that’s what happens. I guess what I’m saying is, do you think I should write blog posts where I brutally dissect children’s books?

My husband thinks so.

Almost weekly, we all head to the local library and go buck wild, slamming any and everything into our green solid tote bag. This week, sixteen children’s books got a first-class ticket to our living room.

As a not-so-easy critic, here are my needs; I want my kid to learn and the artwork to keep her engaged, and I want to be entertained. And I don’t think this is too much to ask.

I’m always telling people to start blogs; the intricacies of people’s lives, especially the weirdly specific things, interest me.

Take the comic book guy I know. He gets into bidding wars on eBay in order to buy specific vintage comic books before their movie releases. He then mails them for page cleanings at a specialized place in New York for $15 a pop and then gets them expertly rated before shipping them to author signings.

All this to say, expect a book review soon.

Happy Memorial to you and to the loved ones no longer with us.

Love, Jaclynn

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