Embodied Boldly

I am compelled to neatly tidy the untidiness in relationships. Like returning home to check a door I know is locked – I am drawn to do it. I run on a hamster wheel to the end that’s still the start, and I wonder why?

This mind racing tastes like a teen spirited away. I’m not ok.
I jump to a bar far too high. Sprouting wings I fly.
Souring soundly from above.

A dove winks, and I head for a cloud.
Of myself for where I’ve been, of who I am. And where I’ve yet to go.

Never slow.

Steadily released to ease, hands to head, thoughts turning toward the sky.
Of the inexplicably despicable.
And the torrential inconsequential.

A water balloon fight and caramel apples.

You will fall.

With zipped lips and turned blind eyes. The disguise. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Farewell, not so old friend. I will grieve. But not for you.


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