Poor Future Me

“That’s for future me to worry about.” A friend and I say this in jest when a task looms and we don’t want to tackle it. It’s a hard line to tow; balancing responsibilities with not wanting to do any of it.

I’m in a negative head space, and it’s not helping me in the maze of my mind that’s full of dead ends and return to starts.

I’m going to pop a metaphorical squat, takes some deep breaths, and make a plan.

First, I need to do a better job recognizing and seeking relief when I’m in the nothing’s going right, and woe is me, throw a pity party kind of mood. That I might say something I regret or check out is not ok with me.

I need to redirect my thinking. Maybe say to myself something like, “I get you’re frustrated, and everything sucks right now. But is this how you want to be when Jesus comes back?”

And that will make me laugh because it references the movie “Joe Dirt”, which I love.

Laughing is such good medicine. Maybe I’ll also make a playlist of sure-fire mood-altering videos. Like this one. Or this one.

Alright, I’m going to call it a night. Past Jaclynn set up an 8 am in-office session, which present and future Jaclynn are not all that happy. Sigh.

Night night.

Love, Me.

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